Why can’t Women over 40 Meet trustworthy Men - Part 2

Any logical thinking person could understand if all the good men over 40 are taken... well what’s a women to do? Before you scream Suzy, you don’t know what you’re talking about’ and stop reading... hang in here with me a few more minutes. I think there is something here that could completely change your experience of meeting good men. The first thing I want you to know is I have walked in your shoes and been exactly where you are. In my 40's when I discovered my husband had been cheating on me and left that marriage with two teenage daughters I was at my lowest low of a lifetime. And it got worse from there as I began to venture out into the dating world. Just like you I began to see the reasons as to why it was next to impossible to meet trustworthy men. But it was during this time that I accidentally discovered these reasons for not dating decent men really only helped me feel better about my frustrating problem. I mean what could I do if most of the men online were losers and that the men my age in my city were more interested in dating younger women and on and on? It was out of my control right? And when anybody challenged me on why I was having this problem I just said... listen you’re not out there and you have no idea what it’s like. The thing is I did not want to have to face the reality that maybe I was the reason for my problem. That was too hard to swallow and made feel like crap. And, it also caused me a lot of anxiety to think about getting outside of my comfort zone. But... when I finally got honest with myself... It was my desire to stay in my "comfort zone" that was the crux of my problem. Now I’m not going to try to convince you that it’s easy to meet decent men at this point in your life. It takes a commitment to do some things that will at first feel uncomfortable. It takes courage to keep putting one foot in front of the other and not stop because you have a bad experience. To be continued...

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