Why can’t Women over 40 Meet trustworthy Men - Part 1

A trustworthy relationship means only good surprises. What do you consider to be your biggest obstacle to meeting trustworthy men? Some women tell me where they live there are very few men available their age. Now some of these women that consider this a problem live in small towns while others live in large cities. Other women have told me that all the good men over 40, 50 or 60 are already taken. And still other women have told me that all the men their age seem to want to date younger woman. And most of these women say they have given up on the online dating sites because they’re tired of meeting the wrong men or men who lie about their marital status and everything in between. So if you are a single woman in your 40's 50's or beyond are you just doomed to spend the rest of your life alone based on how your view your circumstances? The answer is Yes and No... If you chose to believe all of the issues mentioned above like... the good men are already taken etc. than yes, you most likely will never meet your Mr. Right... at least not in this lifetime. On the other hand if you wake up to the truth... you will realize that these reasons you give yourself about why you can’t meet decent men is just a way to help you feel better about your situation. In other words it’s easier on the ego to say there is nothing I can do about the lack of good men in my city etc. To be continued...

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