Caesar Salad

Recipe 173 - Caesar Salad

Weird ingredients and substitutes: Nil.

Preparation and cooking process: There are 3 steps to this. Firstly, cube potatoes and roast with garlic and olive oil. Yummy. Secondly, boil the eggs (I hard-boiled mine). Thirdly, prepare the salad with dressing. I do admit that I was tasting the potato croutons when they came out of the oven, and had to stop myself, to ensure that there would be enough for the salad...

End result: Served with baked chicken. I did however, forget to add the parmesan cheese at the end. The potatoes were so nice though - we enjoyed this so much.

Repeatability: Yes.

Cost: $5 for both of us (not including the chicken).

Mess: Not really, I used a non-stick tray for the potato croutons and they came off easily.

Special utensils: A non-stick tray helps. A citrus zester.

Crunchy Pork Chops and Salad

Recipe 174 - Crunchy pork chops with garlicky spinach and tomato salad

Weird ingredients and substitutes: I hope that by breadcrumbs, Nigella means breadcrumbs that came out of a packet and flavoured with italian spices. Because that's what I used. Unfortunately, I only had one tomato left in the fridge, so had to cut down on the salad quantity.

Preparation: Trim and beat pork chops. This was quite fun. Dip into egg mixture and then parmesaned breadcrumbs.

Cooking process: Fry pork chops. In the meantime, deseed tomato and dice. Add garlic, oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper and spinach.

End result: This was delicious. The pork chops were crunchy (a little oily though), and it would have been nice if there was more salad to counter-balance the slab of meat. Oh well, next time.

Repeatability: Yes.

Cost: $10 for both of us.

Mess: There was a bit of mess created when frying, a few oil splatters here and there.

Special utensils: A meat basher.