A Sort of Important Message

Thank you for the messages and comments. I really truly appreciate it. I think I miss blogging already. I will see how I feel in a week or two but it is the pure act of writing and interacting with you all that I miss. Your support is sort of overwhelming so I shall say thank you once again. I have been thinking of writing a post like this for quite a long time and I think the time has come - without wanting to sound too dramatic! You may have noticed that I frequently promise to make lots of videos and write lots of blog posts but as much as I try and will myself, ultimately I don’t have the motivation - at least not at the moment. This was something I started a few years ago and I think, to some extent, I have moved on. The “fun”, hobbyist element has also dramatically fallen away and I have always told myself that if it stops becoming fun, then I stop. 

As simple as that. And that’s how I feel at the moment. The way I look at it I shouldn’t have to “make” myself do this - I should want to and to be brutally honest, I just don’t these days. And yes, I do consider the beauty community a bit of a negative place at the moment. I wanted to write this post to set any expectations that you might have about me. I won’t be updating this for a while and YouTube is not something that will be updated either. This may well be a little holiday - maybe I just need an extended break and time to become excited about things again, but in any case I want to issue a huge thank you to all of you that have supported me by writing comments and sending lovely messages over the years. I will still be tweeting - probably more than usual as it will be my main outlet - but let’s call this an extended blog holiday. Hope to see you here again soon! Take care everyone!

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