Get to Know Your Body Type to Help You Lose Weight - 2

Sheldon identified three distinct body types: 1. The Mesomorphs - the genetically gifted types who are lean, muscular and naturally athletic. 2. The Endomorphs - The fat retainers. Endomorphs have a round body shape and large joints (they are “big boned”) and they often have great difficulty losing body fat. There’s a good chance that if you struggle to lose the weight, you are an endomorph or you are at least partially endomorph. 3. The Ectomorphs - the lean, skinny types. They are usually very thin and bony, with fast metabolisms and extremely low body fat. From the above information you can see that the endomorph body type is someone who is genetically prone to store fat easily due to a slow metabolism. Endomorph body types are usually, but not always, large-framed with medium to large joints.

If you’re an endomorph and you mess up on your diet, the surplus calories are almost certain to go to fat. Even when you’re in a caloric deficit, it seems like the fat goes down at a painfully slow rate. Your ability to lose weight will be impaired if you do not know what to eat to encourage weight loss. If you think you are an endomorph don’t lose heart, there are countless examples of endomorphs who were once overweight or obese and who went on to lose weight and become super lean. What they did was to simply understand their body type and adjust their nutrition and training accordingly. They understood that they couldn’t copy someone else’s diet and lose weight unless that other person had the same type of body, weight and height. Remember the secret - a very healthy life!