T-bone Steak

Recipe 169 - T-bone steak 

The actual name is t-bone steak with potato wedges and onion rings. As you will see, a couple of those were missing.

Weird ingredients and substitutes: Nil.

Preparation: I slightly-melted the butter in the microwave, and then mixed the Worcestershire sauce and chopped parsley with it. This mixture is then put back into the fridge.

Cooking process: Cook steaks both sides. I know Nigella talks about wrapping each one in foil and letting it rest, but really I was too impatient, and just cooked them until they were how I thought I wanted them.

End result: Served with leftover coleslaw and potato salad from the night before (non-Nigella meal). While impressive, the salads were bought from the supermarket. The meal was okay. The steak was fine with the flavoured butter, it was just that the t-bone was a pain to cut around. I know that I've said that I've enjoyed some steak meals, now I'm thinking that it's steak meals where the steak has already been cut up, rather than a whole chunk of meat in front of me. I'd prefer a better but smaller cut to this.

Repeatability: No.

Cost: I think two t-bones cost me just over $12, parsley was from the garden, so $13.

Mess: A few oil splatters when frying the steak, but nothing too major.

Special utensils: I don't have a griddle. I just used my frypan.